Our Relationship With Food

With 61% of Irish adults now overweight or obese, why has losing weight has become harder?

Weight is not an easy topic to talk about, yet it seems to be something we’re obsessed with. The irony is, we should be healthier than ever. Fresh fruit and vegetables are now available all year round. Good food is cheaper than it has ever been before. By law, companies are required to state what ingredients are in their food and measure it against a set limit of what is recommended daily. If we don’t know what aspartame or phenylalanine are it’s easy to Google them.

However, this fails to take into account how much easier it is to eat poorly. Food is constantly being advertised, especially to children, portion sizes have increased and food is more easily accessible. Gone are the days where chocolate was a treat once a week.  We are surrounded by fizzy drinks, fast food and supposed ‘fresh food’ which has been dressed up in green packaging, but in fact is just as bad for us.

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