Reporting on a Tragedy in the Age of New Media

Editor of, Paddy McKenna, on how the online organisation reports on a story like the Brussels bombings

Most people know from its sports coverage and viral articles such as ‘If Irish political parties were Game of Thrones Houses’.

But in the wake of Brussels bombings it was also a font of information, updating readers with details as the event occurred; from where the bombings were taking place to the names of the suspects behind the attacks. didn’t always cover breaking international news. But when Paddy McKenna took on the job as editor, that changed.

“When I came in first of all, within two weeks Charlie Hebdo happened,” he says. “I was interested to see how the audience would react to it… (they were) really interested and really engaged.”

“It’s likely that age group (of 18-34 year olds) will get their news from us, so we have to treat that with respect.”

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