How to rebuild the Labour Party

#LabourRebuild is trending on Twitter. But what does Labour need to do to regain its standing in Irish politics?

How do you solve a problem like the Labour party?

Despite historically sticking at around the 10% mark in polls, the last time they had that amount of support was May 2015 according to Red C Research. Instead, they seem to have stagnated at 4-7% since the general election took place in February.

If the problem was that it’s hard to be popular in Government when you have to make a lot of difficult decisions, you would assume that being in opposition would help Labour’s numbers rebound. But the problem runs far deeper.

At the party’s think-in last month, Brendan Howlin said the main challenge would be to rebuild Labour.

If there is any hope of making the Labour Party relevant again, they’re going to have to do three things.

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